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Review of Current Best Practices

Materials and Clinical Techniques

1 CE Credit

No More “Watch & Wait”

Treat & Restore with Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride is an evidence-based solution that enables clinicians to provide more comfortable, pain-free dentistry and more flexible treatment options. It is both a desensitizer and a caries arrest agent and provides unique benefits to patients of all ages. This lunch & learn will teach you how to incorporate SDF into your standard treatment protocols to provide better care to your patients. You will learn when, why, and how to use this therapeutic agent. We will also break down the misconceptions that prevent clinicians from gaining maximum benefit from the use of SDF.

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Silver Diamine Fluoride lunch & learn

What You'll Learn

What silver diamine fluoride is and how it works as a desensitizer and caries arrest agent.

The clinical scenarios where SDF is beneficial, including when, why and how it should be used.

Why the common misconceptions about SDF are not true and how they prevent clinicians like you from providing best care to your patients.

When and how to restore teeth after SDF treatment.

...and much more

You will learn why silver diamine fluoride should become a standard part of your preventive-restorative armamentarium for all your patients.

2 CE Credits

Prevention For Life®

Getting your patients through life caries free.

Getting your patients through life caries-free is attainable; it just takes deliberate intervention at every stage of life. This course will examine those risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age. You will use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and learn to construct patient-centered strategies to affect change.

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prevention for life lunch & learn

What You'll Learn

Quickly assess the patients’ risk level using an evidence-based protocol for known risk factors

Effectively communicate the long-term benefits of fluoride varnish as a risk reduction tool

Provide assessment and treatment with minimal change to your current hygiene appointment

Establish an office protocol promoting risk assessment as an important part of patient and practice health

...and much more

You will learn about proven practice-based treatments such as fluoride varnish and home fluoride products that the patient/parent can include in their oral health routine.

1 CE Credit

The Core Issue

Structural integrity of broken down teeth

As part of restoring broken down or endodontically-treated teeth, it is often necessary to place a post-and-core buildup on the remaining tooth structure prior to placing the final restoration. New material advancements have ushered in a new era in core restorative approaches. This course reviews current best practices -materials and clinical techniques- related to the chair-side fabrication of more structurally sound restorations, including bonded post-and-core buildup.

1 Free CE Credit!

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Core Build Up Lunch & Learn

What You'll Learn

How to ensure more structurally sound restorative approaches

When core only is needed and when a post-and-core build up procedure is necessary

The function of a post-and-core buildup

Advanced materials for both approaches

The creation of a "monobloc" and how it relates to a successful bonded post-and-core buildup

The importance of dentin preservation during preparation and restoration

Today’s state-of-the-art clinical steps in creating structural integrity with bonded core and post and core build ups

...and much more

This course reviews current best practices —materials and clinical techniques— related to the chair-side fabrication of more structurally sound restorations, including bonded post-and-core buildup.

1 CE Credit

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

When Taking Impressions

To create accurate, well-fitting crowns, bridges and other indirect restorations, you must first take good impressions. This course addresses the most common mistakes that occur during traditional impression-taking procedures, and what you can do to avoid them. Also presented are new advancements in impression materials designed to help reduce retakes and simplify the impression-taking procedure—with the ultimate goal of helping to achieve predictable clinical success with an accurate first impression.

1 Free CE Credit!

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Impressioning lunch & learn

What You'll Learn

What is required to produce an accurate impression.

The most common causes of inadequate margins, and how to prevent them.

The most common causes of voids and bubbles, and how to prevent them.

The most common causes of ledges, and how to prevent them.

What to look for when choosing an impression material.

...and much more

We'll discuss common issues we see with impressions, reasons why they happen and the steps we can take to minimize them.

1 CE Credit

A Simplified Approach
to Temporary Crown & Bridge

Your patients will appreciate the easier, faster, better outcome!

The temporization process addresses needs that are often truly temporary – protecting prepared teeth while the restorations are fabricated – or longer-term with provisionals that prevent tooth migration, help the soft tissue heal the right way, enable patients to get just the right shape and size for their smile. This course will identify ways to develop temporary restorations that meet each patient’s requirements while still being faster and easier to fabricate, better for diagnostic and lab communication, and simply being more esthetic in the mouth.

1 Free CE Credit!

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Temporization lunch & learn

What You'll Learn

Better understand the problems that occur when no temporary or provisional is used – drifting, eruption, loss of functional requirements, bacterial infiltration.

When and why to consider Provisional vs Temporary restorations.

Speed vs Esthetics - can we have both in a predictable result and reasonable time frame?

Cementing the Temporary to meet the case requirements and not hinder/limit cementation of the final restoration. Spot etch and bond for temporary veneers.

Preparation considerations for short-term Temporaries vs longer-term Provisionals.

...and much more

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